What Makes A Quality Teacher?

The Newly Ancient blog recently covered what they find to be the top traits possessed by “quality teachers.” I have quoted a snippet of each below:

#1 Passion

Without this, it is impossible to become a great teacher. If you don’t love your subject, how can you expect your students to? I don’t think this is an issue for most teachers. Still, it is always important to emphasize.

#2 Creativity

With the onslaught of standardized testing and curriculum this might be getting harder, but it is still very important. Regardless of discipline, creativity is paramount. Sure, you can be a good teacher by taking prepackaged material and efficiently transmitting it.

#3 Flexibility

Students have complex lives, as do you. If everything is set in stone, you’ll eventually crack. When an A student fails a test, you have to be ready to be flexible.

#4 Integrate

I am a firm believer in integrated curriculum and content. Life isn’t in isolated boxes, so learning shouldn’t be either. I often hear the complaint that there isn’t support from administration or other teachers. To that, I say “So what?”

#5 Connect

Information can’t be transmitted without a solid connection, and neither can knowledge. You need to form a connection with each and every student. Technically speaking, theknowledge has to form a connection to the student, but you are the representation and medium of that knowledge.

DISCUSSION: Do you agree with these? Do you disagree with any? Is it wrong to boil down the traits of teachers down to any top five list?