What Makes A Quality Student?

Earlier this week we posed the question “What Makes A Quality Teacher?” after reflecting on the insightful blog post from Newly Ancient.  One of the comments presented what I found to be an equally important question when judging a teacher, which is judging the quality of the student:

  • engaged (asks questions to find out more AND to keep the conversation going)
  • invested (wants to learn and knows why they want to learn, what’s the endgame?)
  • practices (not like rote memorization, but puts new skills and knowledge to use, does something with it)
  • independent (look at the movement for teachers to chart their personal professional development networks, students have the same things. For special education they’re called IEPs, but I’ve nearly convinced myself that should be the approach for ALL students/learners)
  • that they’ve read the top 5 qualities of a teacher and could help guide their teachers to adopt those traits.

I would add the ability to “challenge” your teachers (respectfully) as an important skill, as well. Many of my most memorable classroom experiences came not only from students participating, but from the students actively challenging the teachers claims.

Would you add anything to the list?