Top Schools in South Carolina for Teachers

Top Schools in South Carolina for Teachers

Photo by Gregor Smith

Once you have your South Carolina teacher certification, it’s time to decide which schools you are going to apply to. Many teachers attempt to secure a position at the “top” schools in South Carolina, but what makes a school better than the rest is different for each educator. Here is a short list of schools that we think are great on different levels for different kinds of teachers:

Charleston County School of the Arts
The Charleston County School of the Artshas small class sizes, which allows the faculty to offer up unique approaches to learning that suit each child. Charleston County School of the Arts is nationally recognized as a school which encourages excellence in students, and it isn’t unusual for their students to be invited to Carnegie Hall in New York to receive coveted national Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. If you are a teacher who enjoys working hands on with students and using artistic methods, this is an excellent school to work in.

Mayo High School for Math, Science and Technology
Although Mayo High School for Math, Science and Technology is focused on those subjects, the programs offered at this school ensure that students receive a well-rounded education. From plays and musicals to a multitude of athletic activities, teachers at this school are required to work with students in more than just coursework. Only teachers who don’t mind immersing themselves in the high school experience should apply.

Greenville Technical Charter High School
Winner of the Blue Ribbon School Program award, Greenville Technical Charter High School is focused on instilling students with the knowledge and drive needed to succeed in college and life. Greenville Technical Charter High School students have the highest combined HSAP score in the entire state, which speaks of the hard work of the students and high expectations of the teachers. A fairly low student-to-teacher ratio of 18.1 is attractive, as is the top-notch technology available.

Chapin High School
Chapin High School’s standardized test score averages rank above state and national levels, and the student-to-teacher ratio is among the lowest of any public school in the state at only 14.6. A comprehensive arts program, as well as a very active athletic department make this school desirable not just to students, but to teachers as well.

Bishop England High School
Bishop England High School is a Catholic school that focuses on a spiritual as well as an academic journey. Teachers who work at this school should be comfortable with faith-based learning, but can also look forward to some of the highest standardized test scores in the state and an extensive list of extracurricular activities. This top school in South Carolina is best for teachers who look forward to participating in after-school activities, as every instructor is required to be part of at least one.

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