Top 6 Teacher Job Websites

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Everyone knows that the internet is a great place to begin your job hunt, but dredging the depths of the web can be daunting. Which sites are trustworthy? Which have the best listings? Which are easy to use?

Fear not, Certification Map has saved you the trouble of finding the best websites to scour for a new teaching position. Now you can focus on looking for that job. Here are six great places to start, none of which require registration or fees to use:



Not the prettiest nor most manageable of sites, but the amount of results provides makes it worth the trouble. The simplistic search function doesn’t allow you to narrow down listings very well, but having more jobs to consider rather than less is a good thing, right?


5. Simply Hired


Though not a job site that caters specifically to teachers, Simply Hired’s nearly five-million listings include a fair number of teaching positions. And unlike other popular job-hunting websites, like Monster and Craigslist, the quality of Simply Hired’s results make it worth checking out.

4. Your Local School District/Department of Education’s Website: 


Rather than searching for a teaching position through a third party, why not go straight to the source? It’s common for your local school district or department of education to post their vacancies on their own bureau website. A quick Google search of your town or city plus the words “school district” or “department of education” will get you their site, and hopefully into a classroom.

3. Teacher Jobs


A database not only for teachers looking for work but also schools posting vacant/anticipated positions, Teacher Jobs wins acclaim as a one-stop shop. Results are bound to be reliable as their coming straight from the source (schools), and listings abound as vacancies flood in from all over the country. Search by state, category and keyword also helps narrow down your queries, and optional registration helps keep your prospects organized.

2. School Spring


An impressive volume of listings on this easy-to-navigate database of teaching jobs. Only drawback is School Spring’s reticence to openly post contact information for each position. Instead, applicants have to use the site’s built-in contact forms. Though such indirect messaging systems are a slight nuisance, this is easily offset by the trove of jobs School Spring offers.



Boasting over 24,000 job postings from over 2,500 employers across the country, is certainly one of the greatest resources for teaching jobs on the internet. Their versatile search engine allows you to sort listings by position, location, subject and even “freshness” (recency of post). If’s database of vacancies isn’t big enough for you, their search results are supplemented by posts from, a general job listing site.

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