Top 5 Education Technology Blogs

As one of the world’s oldest trades, teaching still consists of the same basic elements that it had at the dawning of time. After all, a teacher is still responsible for imparting knowledge. But what continuously evolves, though, are the methods and tools that teachers use to educate.

Technology in the classroom has changed drastically over time. In the past half century, the use of digital technology in education has accelerated to the point that it has changed what teachers are now capable of doing in the classroom. Education technology is every teacher’s friend and should be utilized in as many creative and effective ways as is possible.

However, many teachers are missing the low-hanging education technology fruit. A great way to stay informed of the advances and applications of technology in the classroom is to keep an eye on some of the great education technology blogs on the Internet. Here is a list of five of our favorite education technology blogs:

1. Education Technology Blog
Education Technology Blog is a popular destination for information about the newest gadgets, methods and innovations in education technology. It is updated several times a week and covers everything from the newest iOS and Android apps to free classroom communication tools that any teacher would find handy. Make sure you check back often to stay on top of the newest, most helpful education technology advances.

2. PBS Teachers Technology Integration
PBS Teachers blog has a mass of resources for K-12 educators. It’s not simply a education technology blog, but also has a very extensive technology page, which includes research, best practices, and information on the digital divide, distance education and emerging technologies. PBS brings its reputation for thorough research and reliable information to its teacher’s blog, making it an incredibly helpful resource for getting catching up on the state of education technology in general.

3. The Power of Educational Technology
Liz Davis keeps a blog about education technology and the transformative power it can have in the classroom. She writes from a informed point of view as she is the Director of Academic Technology at a prevalent New England private school. Davis offers a larger portion of opinion pieces, summaries of major education technology stories, and reviews of industry talks and conferences. The Power of Educational Technology also includes a blog roll of her favorite Ed-Tech blogs to fill out your reading list. This serves as a great launching pad to other great sources on education technology information.

4. Free Technology for Teachers
The title of this blog speaks volumes. Richard Byrne keeps a blog that is updated frequently with the newest effective and, more importantly, free education technology resources that every teacher can benefit from. With a list that includes everything from new web apps to mobile technology resources, Free Technology for Teachers is an excellent site to check often. After all, any teacher can appreciate free innovation in the classroom.

5. Cool Cat Teacher
Vicki Davis is a full time teacher and proponent of incorporating new tools in the classroom. Like Free Technology, her blog, Cool Cat Teacher, offers free implementation ideas for teachers. Davis also includes a great deal of fun, interesting and informative anecdotes from her own experiences. She believes that teaching is a most noble calling, and that technology has the ability to transform lesson plans and boost student engagement. She covers emerging educational technology, but offers a bit more by supplementing her own experience with recommendations of new tools and creative classroom implementation.

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