Top 10 Online Teaching Tools

It’s an amazing world we teach in these days. Although many teachers still walk around with a trusty red pen, we’ve got our pockets full of technology for backup. Here’s a list of top ten online teaching tools worth checking out.

10. The Plagiarism Checker

Most teachers hope they’ll never have a need for it, but teaching in the real world means they probably will. All a teacher has to do is copy and paste a paragraph of a student paper into The Plagiarism Checker to see if work has been copied from anywhere on the web. Its ease of use has ushered this online teaching tool into the #10 spot.

9. Citation Machine

As a calculator is to math, Citation Machine is to research. This online teaching tool saves time, frustration, and gets students focused on learning and being professional in the presentation of what they’ve learned.


With site material aligned to curriculum and standards, really inspires teachers and students. From digital textbooks to their school partner program, the subscription service at Discovery Education makes it our #8 teaching tool online.

7. Khan Academy

If founder Sal Khan accomplishes his mission, our #7 online teaching tool could easily become #1. At the Khan Academy, anyone in the world can access tutorial videos on a variety of in-depth subjects, like math, biology and economics lessons. The Academy is ever-expanding, but it’s already an awesome online teaching tool to bookmark.

6. YouTube EDU

There’s a lot on YouTube that isn’t classroom-friendly, but if a teacher does his or her homework, there’s likely to be a video on YouTube EDU about almost anything. Also, the material on YouTube is, in many cases, more entertaining than traditional classroom videos and will keep students’ attention. Furthermore, can’t find a video? YouTube also weighs in at #6 because teachers and students can always create their own if what they’re looking for doesn’t exist.


From resources in Spanish to all kinds of software apps, offers very targeted advice and solutions. The Assign-a-Day software helps teachers communicate with students who miss class, while a program called Think Tank helps students research and create an outline before a project or paper. Be forewarned, a trip to this #5 online teaching tool could last all day — there’s so much there!

4. Encyclopedia Britannica

The web is filled with all kinds of user-created reference material. You don’t let your students write a research paper based on what the first passer-by on the street says, so Yahoo! Answers isn’t going to cut it in the classroom. When you want quality, researched information at your fingertips (or students’ fingertips) a subscription service such asEncyclopedia Britannica is necessary.

3. F.R.E.E.

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (F.R.E.E.) provides researched information, original photos and documents. And, the primary source material offered on the site is relevant for all teachers, not just social studies teachers. This #3 top online teaching tool is published by the U.S. Department of Education, so there’s no question that a lot of material links up directly with district curriculum standards.

2. Google

Sure, a Google search is probably the most-used online resource by anyone — not just students and teachers. But Google offers a lot more than a search engine for teachers: filter the entire web of news and receive stories about a particular subject; create a free classroom website with Blogger; travel the world with your students on Google Earth. The host of products offered by Google make it currently the #2 online teaching tool.

1. Super Teacher Worksheets

With an impressive number of free worksheets covering an array of subjects and grade levels, is ranked #1 in terms of online teaching tools. The worksheets are crafted by actual teachers, parents and researchers who write and illustrate them well.  There are also other teaching tools, certificates and even help writing report card comments.

The list could really continue — make sure to check out our post on SchoolTube — honorable mentions include Apple’s iTunes App store and photo sharing sites like Flickr, to name just a few. Don’t see your favorite online teaching tool?  Share your online secrets with us in the comments below, so we can all load up our technology toolbox with great resources!

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