The Education Olympics [Infographic]

The Olympics are held every four years and test the skills, training and dedication of athletes from all over the world. The winners return home not only with gold medals, but the pride of representing the best of their nations on the international stage. With such high stakes, it’s no wonder that the Olympics are a global media spectacle, with billions of dollars and countless hours invested the world round in the hopes of success.

We here at Certification Map hoped to borrow some of this sheen and direct the spotlight to another realm of international competition: education. It’s in schools that each nation also invests its wealth, time, energy and, most importantly, its youth. So how do the winningest Olympic nations fare when it comes graduation rates, class sizes and teacher salaries? Do the countries with the greatest athletes also produce the smartest students? Whose schools will ultimately bring home the gold?

-Although the Soviet Union ranks second in terms of most gold medals won at the Olympics, it was not included on this graphic due to its dissolution in 1991.
-Global mathematics and science rankings were taken from the 2009 Programme for International Student Assessment, which used the Chinese city of Shanghai as a proxy for the nation.

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