The Best Non-Profits Dedicated to Parents, Students, and Teachers

Parents: Are you confused about college finances and the application process? Teachers: Do you really want your class to do a project that isn’t in your budget? Students: Want to find ways to access materials that can help improve your grades? All these questions, and more, can be answered with our list of the best non-profits dedicated to parents, students, and teachers. Teachers, read on, click the links and spread the word with your colleagues, students and students parents!

For Teachers:


TERC  – Nonprofit that improves math and science teaching and learning. Organization researches, develops curriculum and implements development for knowledge of math and science.
Reading, Writing and Rhythm – Nonprofit formed by country singer Chely Wright, to improve music education in public school systems. Donates musical instruments to schools in need across the nation.
ClassWish – Teachers visit this nonprofit website to create Wish Lists of the things they need to equip great classrooms, as easily as shopping online. Parents, alumni, local businesses and others see exactly what is needed and how they can help. Contributions are tax-deductible and ClassWish sends the supplies directly to the school.
Adopt a Classroom – Nonprofit organization that invites the community into the classroom. By adopting a classroom, donors provide financial support.
Global School Net – Nonprofit organization that focuses on the content of internet based learning. Engages teachers and students in meaningful project learning exchanges with people worldwide to develop literacy and communication skills.
Teachers Without Borders – Nonprofit that supports teachers worldwide with professional development opportunities. Connects teachers with information so they play a more vital role in the community.
Teach For America – Nonprofit organization attempting to eliminate educational inequality by enlisting the nation’s most promising students. Recruits top college students and commits them to teach for two years in rural and urban school districts.
Sloan Foundation – Nonprofit organization that provides grants to support research and broad-based education related to science. Past student recipients of the grant have gone on to become Nobel prize winners.
Donors Choose – Nonprofit organization connecting donors to classrooms in need. Donors choose to give to any classroom’s project request, the organization delivers the materials to the class.

For Parents:

Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities – This nonprofit helps promote and improve access to post-secondary education opportunities for Hispanic Students. Represents nearly 450 colleges and universities committed to giving a better quality of education to Hispanics.
School Nutrition Association – This organization provides low-cost meals to students across the United States, to advance good nutrition. Collaborates with organizations and government agencies to advance child nutrition.
College Parents of America – Organization to serve and advocate for current and future parents of college students. Provides college saving strategies, and academic strategies for getting into college.
PTA -Nonprofit organization influencing parents to get involved with their child’s educational experience. Run and led by volunteers to help children succeed.

For Students:

First Book – Nonprofit organization that provides underprivileged students with their first book to read. Aims at the number one factor to literacy, access to books.
National Head Start Association – Organization represents low-income children and provides comprehensive education.
America Scores – Nonprofit Organization that uses the popular sport soccer to inspire public school students. America Scores requires children use the teamwork skills they have on the playing field also in work with poetry and in the classroom.
Career Dreams – Nonprofit that enhances test scores amongst students and reduces drop out rates and behavioral problems. Enables students to achieve their dreams.