The 411 on everything education! 100 Best Education Blogs

Want to keep up with the latest trends in educational technology? Interested in continuing your education? Here are the top 100 education blogs on the web. Chock full of data, educational resources, and at least a few nuts, they will help guide you through all those questions you’ve been meaning to ask, but haven’t quite found the time for.

Educational Technology

  • The Edublogger – Helps educational bloggers get the most up to date technology information in education
  • Educational Insanity – Addresses the issues of educational policy, leadership and technology
  • Weblogg-ed – This site is dedicated to discussions and reflections on technologies that are transforming classrooms
  • Clive on Learning – Blog about trying to learn everything electronically


Education at a glance

  • – Joanne Jacobs opens up the board for all talks about education
  • Learning in a Flat World – Britt Watwood’s take on student’s and education
  • EDU in Review – Blogs on a variety of education related topics- from best halloween costumes on campus to rising tuitions

International and Study Abroad

  • Hedda blog - The Hedda blog gives an inside look at studying abroad from the perspective of students and teachers
  • NAFSA Blog - This blog offers online resources for exchange programs, studying aboard and international education
  • Global Higher Ed - Higher education news from our global neighbors
  • International Higher Education Consulting Blog – “A source for news on international education and public diplomacy.”
  • Study Abroad 101 – A blog about everything you need to know for a semester abroad
  • SmartStudyAbroad – Tips and news about studying abroad provided by administrators and students
  • International Financial Aid Blog – A blog that provides information, updates, advice and opinions on the financial aspects of studying abroad

Blog domains for Teachers and Students

Blogs for Teachers

  • A Difference – A “difference” indicates “change” and this blog presents ideas to make a change for better education
  • Artichoke – A look at the surrounding elements of teaching and learning
  • blog of proximal development – Discover ways to improve learning at home and in developing countries
  • Cool Cat Teacher Blog – Learn what new teaching techniques are being used in the classroom

Education Workshops

Education Policy

  • Intercepts – “A listening post monitoring public education and teachers’ unions.”
  • Education Policy Blog – A blog that takes a look at the “foundations” of education to evaluate the current status of education today
  • Educational Justice – A blog promoting a progressive movement in education for the future
  • Education Notes Online -A blog about activities to improve NYC public education
  • This Little Blog: A Place to Respond – “An analysis of the war against public education by a teacher.”
  • Transform Education – Advocates high-quality education for all children as a part of their “civil right”
  • 5/17. Jim Anderson blogs about education in the news and policies that affect Washington state.
  • Stories from Schools. This blog discusses how policies have impacted education in their classrooms on this collaborative blog.

Continuing Education and Distance Learning

  • Continuing Education! – Here you can find study tips and talks about educational technology for adult learners
  • - This blog gives information about online degrees, colleges, universities and industry news related toonline education
  • Deb’s Continuing Education Guide - Deb covers everything from teaching, continuing education to non-traditional students.