Teach Away: Helping Teachers Find Positions Abroad

TeachAwayBy Amy of Teach Away Inc.

Live abroad, save money, learn, explore. As a teacher, why limit yourself? Teaching is a global career, and as English speakers, American teachers are in a position to explore other countries while continuing to work in the profession they love.

Due to the increasing popularity of English-language teaching overseas, experienced English-speaking teachers are in demand worldwide. Private schools and Ministries of Education are turning to international recruitment to meet their staffing needs, and many partner with Teach Away Inc., one of the world’s largest international teacher recruitment agencies. Every year, Teach Away places thousands of teachers in elementary, middle, and high schools; colleges and universities; international schools; and private ESL schools.

Educators who had never previously considered teaching overseas are exploring career options for financial opportunity, a way to gain experience, or a chance to live out an adventure they never imagined they would be able to take.

Why teach abroad?

A memorable experience – or a life change

Many teachers choose to go abroad for a year or two as a way to experience a different culture or lifestyle. Some, after beginning work, decide to continue their lifestyle abroad more permanently. Many schools offer one- or two-year contracts with the possibility of extension, leaving teachers free to decide whether they would like to transition their experience into a permanent job back home, or make a more lasting change. Living in Japan, Europe, or Dubai, once an unattainable dream, is now a realistic possibility for qualified teachers.

Financial advantages

Teachers who have never considered moving abroad often begin to consider the possibility after discovering the financial benefits. In areas such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or Saudi Arabia, teachers earn a lucrative, tax-free salary, in addition to receiving free accommodation and provided health insurance. Many other countries offer competitive salary packages in areas with a lower cost of living than that of the US. Opportunities with public or private schools often come with an offer of free or subsidized housing, allowing teachers to save a large percentage of their salaries each month.

Demand for teachers

Demand for English-speaking teachers worldwide has increased dramatically, with areas such as Abu Dhabi and Korea implementing sweeping English-language educational reform programs in public schools. Qualified educators are following that demand and leaving their home countries to teach in Abu Dhabi or teach English in Korea, where their skills and experience qualify them as excellent candidates.

What do I need in order to teach abroad?

ESL teachers

Educators in ESL (English as a Second Language) may need a valid teaching license from their home state or country, although many ESL positions do not require one. ESL teachers should, however, obtain a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate. Many positions require or highly prefer candidates with TEFL certification. This qualification focuses on learning how to overcome first-language interference, identify and respond to cultural differences, and teach the six major elements of language learning.

For teachers of subjects other than English

Many teachers pursue opportunities in public schools and international schools overseas. These positions generally require a teaching license and relevant experience, although requirements vary by institution. Positions for licensed teachers can offer excellent salary and benefits.

Teaching overseas is an opportunity for educators to explore new countries, gain international experience, and make a difference worldwide. Discover the possibilities, and look into your options for teaching abroad.