Teaching in Abu Dhabi

Teaching in Abu Dhabi

Today’s guest blog is written by Amy Woodbridge of Teach Away Inc. Teach Away is a worldwide leader in international teacher recruitment. With the widest variety of international teaching jobs in over 40 countries, Teach Away’s international offices match educators with the best teaching jobs abroad. Amy has taught abroad in Japan, China, and Thailand, and loves to travel.

The UAE is one of the most popular destinations for teachers applying to work internationally, and its capital, Abu Dhabi, provides some of the best opportunities for licensed teachers abroad.

In order to teach in Abu Dhabi – or most locations within the United Arab Emirates – teachers will generally need to hold a teaching license in their home state. In addition, two years of prior experience teaching at the relevant level is usually required. Abu Dhabi’s many private international schools may vary in their requirements, but since competition for jobs is fierce, licensed teachers with experience are at an advantage.

Why are Abu Dhabi teaching positions so popular?

Salary - The excellent salary and benefits package entices many top candidates. Teachers in Abu Dhabi earn a generous, tax-free salary. Most Abu Dhabi schools will provide accommodation for teachers, health insurance, and round-trip flights.

Options for families – Teaching in Abu Dhabi is an attractive option for experienced teachers, due to the fact that many employers will sponsor dependants. Teachers who are interested in moving abroad with their families will have a good chance of doing so in this location.

Quality of life - Abu Dhabi is one of the wealthiest cities in the world, allowing foreign teachers to enjoy comfortable accommodations and modern luxuries while experiencing a new culture.  The region is heavily populated with expatriates (a 2011 population estimate from the UAE National Bureau of Statistics estimated that non-nationals composed almost 90% of the country’s population). Newcomers to Abu Dhabi, therefore, will find an excellent support network already in place.

Who should consider Abu Dhabi as a teaching location?

Licensed, experienced teachers – Due to the UAE’s strict visa requirements and the number of applicants competing for jobs, Abu Dhabi schools seek licensed teachers with previous experience. Following an educational reform program, the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) hires English-speaking teachers to work in Abu Dhabi public schools. In addition, the emirate’s numerous international and private schools need experienced teachers of all levels, from primary to high school to adult.

Vocational teachers – Vocational schools in Abu Dhabi hire native English speakers to teach a number of subjects, including Math, Business, and ICT. Vocational teachers do not necessarily need a teaching license, although they should have a Bachelor’s degree and several years of experience in their field.

Teachers with dependants – Many people believe that teaching overseas is out of reach once they have married or had children. Because schools in Abu Dhabi will often sponsor dependants (spouses and children under 18), teachers have the opportunity to move abroad with their families. The city’s many international schools provide good options for parents looking to educate their children.

Open-minded teachers – As with any overseas location, Abu Dhabi is a place for culturally sensitive, respectful teachers. The UAE is a diverse and relatively relaxed Gulf country, but teachers should still anticipate some degree of culture shock! Teachers who are prepared for life in Abu Dhabi will find it to be a safe and welcoming destination.

Abu Dhabi is an excellent option for teachers hoping to save money, improve their intercultural skills, and strengthen their resumes. Begin a new chapter in your career by joining fellow dedicated teachers in Abu Dhabi.