Teaching 101: 100+ Resources All New Teachers Should Have

As a new teacher, the first few days, weeks and months can seem like a quagmire of constant lesson revisions, endless meetings, and insufficient classroom supplies.

Wonder where you can get advice for handling the boldest of students? Cringing at the thought of getting past your schooling debts?

Don’t fret. We’ve compiled the following 101 resources to help you get through even the toughest classroom fiasco.

This mega-resource was put together with new teachers in mind, but even veterans may find some fresh teaching techniques and ideas that prove useful. Take some time to prepare yourself and your classroom with these tools, and save yourself some time in the process.

Connect to Other Teachers
The best way to learn how to be a great teacher is to learnfrom great teachers. Check out these links by teachers for teachers.

  • TeacherForums – New teacher forum and discussion board. Ideas, how-to’s, and advice from veteran teachers.
  • PBS – Educational site and tools for connecting to other teachers.
  • Edutopia – Article exploring what teachers do during their summer break.
  • ThriftyTexasTeacher – Blog about teaching on a budget.

Teacher Education and Employment Information
Keep yourself current with an updated resume and enhance your competitive edge by pursuing a degree in higher education.

Ever wonder what other teachers are doing with their summer breaks?

Check out these links for improving your career.

Repaying Student Loans
Don’t get blindsided with interest payments and deadlines. Here are resources to help you balance your student debts.

  • FederalStudentAid – Information on repaying federal Stafford, Perkins, and PLUS student loans.
  • StaffordLoanForiveness – Program that forgives your Stafford Loan by serving in a high-need area.
  • AmeriCorps – Community Service program that gives you money to repay your student loans.

Student Feedback / Understanding and interacting with Students
The whole reason you became a teacher was to better the education system and to connect with students. The best way to get through to students is to understand their side of the story. These sites can come in very handy to understand the students that you are trying to reach.

  • RateMyProfessor – Find current teachers and see how they compare from a student’s point of view.
  • MyTeacherMyHero – Inspirational celebrity interviews talking about how their teachers changed their lives.
  • NASP – Get questions answered from a school psychologist from the National Association of School Psychologists web site.
  • TeenVogue – Vogue magazine for teenagers. Keep up on the latest teen trends.
  • SeventeenMagazine – Teen magazine with all the latest tends and clothing fads.
  • BullyOnline – Online bully resource and ways to confront and address bullies.
  • Sabes – Article on improving teaching style and connecting with students.
  • NewHorizons – Article to enhance the understanding different learning styles.
  • LunchTime – Article offering an alternative way to spend your lunch period.

Classroom Resources
Classroom setup is an important step that can help to encourage learning. These links are here to help prepare your classroom and lesson plans to let students get the most out of their education.

  • FirstDay – 9 things to do on the first day.
  • FirstThreeWeeks – 101 things to do in your first three weeks of class.
  • Folktales for the Classroom – Whether a student, a parent or a teacher, here you can take a magical journey, filled with adventure, or just remember what it feels like to be a kid again
  • The Classroom is a one stop free education resource for elementary and high school students, teachers, administrators and parents.
  • TeacherPlace – Resource for quick and easy hands-on crafts.
  • ABCTeach – 5000+ free worksheets and printables for teachers of all grades.
  • Noodle – Find the best education resources quickly and easily online for free.
  • LectureSeminar – How-to plan and deliver an effective lecture.
  • WrightsLaw – Guides and discussions on effective classroom discipline.
  • UsingEnglish – ESL tools for immersing students in English.
  • ECLKC – “How-to” guide to incorporate students with disabilities into classroom activities.
  • HelpGuide – Tips for addressing and handling ADD/ADHD students.
  • ScienceBob – Classroom safe experiments for all ages.
  • FoodChemistry – Great science experiments using food.
  • TeacherVision – Time management techniques for your classroom.
  • UNCW – Tips for creating and implementing good classroom discussions.
  • TeacherMagazine – Tips and ideas for using up dreaded left over class time.
  • Scholastic – Projects and quiet activities for students that finish work early.
  • WeAreTeachers – 50 tips, tricks, and ideas for sub plans.
  • Stretcher – Ideas for decorating your classroom.
  • PublicLibraries – Online tool to find local public libraries.
  • DeptEd – The department of education’s non-profit organizations.
  • PowerPoint – A funny but poignant guide to effective power point creation.
  • Google – Google for educators. Tools, guides, and teaching advice.
  • SafeSnacks – List of nut-free snacks to provide in the classroom.
  • RethinkSchool – Guide to working with and teaching student teachers.
  • Atoz – Tips for managing papers and dealing with no-name papers.
  • HealthProblems – Online book about addressing health problems in the classroom.
  • PublishingCentral – Article about implementing e-books in the classroom.
  • doiGov – Department of the Interior education resources.

Age-Specific Book Reviews and Reading Ideas
Wonderful resources to help your students discover age-appropriate books.

  • Reviews – Book reviews sectioned off for boys, girls, and types of readers.
  • BookReviewsByKids – Book reviews for kids, written by kids.
  • Children’sBookReview – Provides book reviews with what ages kids should read the book.
  • BookReviewsByAge – Book reviews separated by board books, picture books, beginning books, and young readers.
  • KidsBookReviews – Book reviews separated by age, and then by category of books (i.e. poetry, fantasy, fiction).
  • WorldNewspapers – Compilation of many educational magazines.

Fostering Learning and Good Study Behavior
Research suggests that the best learning is intrinsically driven learning. Tips and tricks to help your students learn and how to encourage your students to want to learn.

  • NMSA – Article reviewing the best types of rewards to encourage learning.
  • Ed.gov – Suggestions to encourage better study habits in students.
  • SoYouWantToTeach – Guides on engaging students and helping them learn.
  • AccommodatingAthletes – How-to engage student athletes in the classroom.
  • ReduceCheating – How-to reduce cheating in the classroom.
  • Thaindian – Recognize why cheating occurs.
  • Scholastic – Ways to identify a student’s need for a tutor.
  • Sylvan – Tutoring company that offers both group and private tutoring.
  • Reading Bags – Creative project idea for reading at home.
  • StudyTips – Tips for all students to improve study efficiency.

Teaching and Utilizing Teamwork
Teamwork is an important and not always easily acquired lifelong skill. Help your students with this essential life skill with teamwork exercises.

  • MIT – teaching students fundamentals about achieving goals during teamwork.
  • Edery – Lesson plan idea to encourage teamwork.

Field Trip Resources
Because everyone loves to get away from the same four walls they see everyday.

  • FieldTripFactory -Tool to find great field trip ideas near your school.
  • ProposeAFieldTrip – Sample guide to propose a field trip to your supervisor. Check with your institution for specific requirements.
  • Target – Field trip grants for teachers.
  • TargetFieldTrips – Target is accepting applications for grants for your school’s field trips.
  • FIDM – Field trip grants for teachers.

Teacher Communication
Don’t know how to say what you want to and stay professional about it? These sites may help you convey the right message.

  • New2Teaching – How-to build and maintain your teaching voice.
  • TeachingExpertise – Guide to using an effective teaching voice.
  • How to Say the Right Thing – Comprehensive online book to communicating effectively with Students, Parents, and Staff.
  • DressCode – Communicate professionalism, experience and knowledge with the proper attire.
  • Homeroom – Online clothing store directed for Teachers.

Stress / Anger management
No one said being a teacher is easy. These resources are here to help your nerves when things get a bit much to handle.

  • RelaxationExpert – Quick and easy ways to de-stress while in school.
  • 20Techniques – Reduce stress by altering your thinking and your routine.
  • YogaCalm – De-stress by de-stressing your students.
  • CNNHealth – 5-minute de-stress routines at home.
  • AngriesOut – Anger management advice for when life gets out of hand.

Education Discounts
Check out these sties for educational discounts to lessen the burden on your already tight budget.

  • Apple – Education discounts on Mac computers and Apple software.
  • OfficeDepot – Education discounts on Office Depot school supplies.
  • Staples – Education discounts on Staples school supplies.
  • Borders – Educational discounts on Borders merchandise.
  • Barnes&Noble – Educational discounts on Barnes & Noble merchandise.
  • EdDiscount – Educational discount locating tool.

Know your rights as a teacher
Don’t get taken advantage of. Protect yourself by knowing what your rights are.

  • FreeAdvice – Covers scope of discipline over a student’s conduct.
  • Educational CyberPlayGround – Legal advice for teachers who are harassed by administrators.
  • IsItLegalTo – Forum directed by lawyers to answer legal questions by state.
  • WikiEd – Some of the rights given to teachers.

Starting a career in teaching may seem like a very daunting endeavor, but with the right information, it could be a little more enjoyable.

For veteran teachers, it may be worthwhile to add some spice to your curriculum. If you find this information useful, do not hesitate to share it with your friends and colleagues. I hope that these links and guides are helpful to new teachers and tenured teachers alike.

Happy teaching!