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Can you receive a Substitute Teacher Certification?

Obtaining a substitute teacher certificate is a great way to transition to becoming a full-time teacher. Becoming a substitute teacher is also a good idea if you love teaching but do not want the commitment of a full time job.

The process for receiving a substitute teacher certificate is less involved than receiving a full time teacher certification. To receive your substitute teacher certificate, you generally need a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or University and you must pass a state-administered competency test.

If you are currently interested in becoming a substitute teacher and think there is a chance you will become a full time teacher in the future, then you should start planning ahead by researching the teacher certification process in your home state. To find out more about the process and perks of becoming a teacher in every state, go to Certification Map.

Many states have alternative paths to teacher certification for substitute teachers. To find out if this is true in your state, you should visit your states Department of Education website and research alternative paths to teacher certification for individuals with a substitute teacher certificate. In addition to information on receiving your teacher certification, you can find a link to your state’s Department of Education website on Certification Map.