Teacher Appreciation Week 2014

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! From May 5th – May 9th, we take this time out to pay special attention to the teachers in our lives, and to highlight the pivotal role they play in student success – both personally and academically.

Teachers have an impact on student achievement every day of the year, but Teacher Appreciation Week allows us to extend an extra thanks. With #ThankaTeacher and#TeachersMatter trending on Twitter, the internet is well-aware of the importance that teachers, educators, and school professionals have on our culture!

Here at Certification Map, we admire the work done by our community of teachers, so we’re taking this time to point out other organizations who are paying special attention to teachers this week. See below for a list of deals, promotions, and special campaigns going on this week that extend an extra thank you to our teachers:

McGraw-Hill Education
When: Through Saturday, May 10th
What: Free resources and activities, discounted Apple/Android apps, and free digital activities for Common Core Standards

Loft Loves Teachers
When: On-going
What: Special discounts, exclusive sweepstakes, and Teacher Appreciation nights for you and co-workers

Barnes and Noble Educator Program
When: On-going
What: 20% discount on classroom purchases, professional development resources, and more

National Teacher Appreciation Day – U.S. Department of Education
When: Tuesday, May 6th
What: A social media campaign promoted by the U.S. Department of Education. They invite you to download a #ThankATeacher sign and share your photo on social media to help spread inspiring stories of how teachers have impacted your life. Download the sign here.

When: On-going
What: AdoptaClassroom.org, Office Depot, and Office Max are teaming up to help our nation’s classroom teachers receive the resources and support they need to be transformative teachers. Find out more about how you can help inspire change in the lives of these teachers nad students

Top Ways to Make a Difference in the Lives of Teachers
The mission behind Teacher Appreciation Week is to highlight ways that teachers have make a difference in your lives. Now, it’s time to turn the tables! Check out these tips from the National Education Association to see how you can go that extra mile to thank your teachers, educators, and school professionals for all that they do.

Teacher Appreciation Week is only a small piece of proof of the undeniable impact that teachers have on our lives. Find out how you can become a teacher and address the growing needs of classrooms across the country!

How has your life been impacted by a teacher? Comment below or share your story on social media with the hashtag #ThankaTeacherCM! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook