#TeachersMatter: Teacher Appreciation Week Roundup

Thank a TeacherTeachers’ lessons extend far beyond the reach of the classroom. During this past Teacher Appreciation Week, the internet was flooded with stories about how teachers have helped shaped our lives and our culture.

Although Teacher Appreciation Week was May 5-9th, it’s important that we appreciate and honor these classroom leaders during our every day. See below for a collection of stories about why #TeachersMatter.

Thank You Letters to Teachers – Edutopia

“Thank you for staying behind to help me, even when I know there are lots of other places you’d rather be…Thank you for explaining things until I understand. Thank you for making me do my best. Thank you for being my teacher.”

These 11 Education Leaders Had Their Lives Changed By Amazing Teachers – Huffington Post

“[She] showed me what a great teacher can do and is responsible for putting the thought in my head, for the first time, that I might become a teacher.”

What’s the Best Part of Being a Teacher? – National Education Association

Teachers Who Shaped Your Future – Mashable

“It’s no easy task to get — and maintain — the attention of a gaggle of children, tweens or teens in the classroom, especially today with smartphones and social media vying for mindshare. It can be hard to get these kids to engage, get them to care about the Pythagorean theorem or Genghis Khan’s conquests.”


A Little Love for the Teachers – edSurge

“Teachers do more than just teach. They do more than change lives. They shape the future, one student at a time.”


A Letter to All Those Who Choose to Teach – A Space for Learning

“The stories are different but one message is clear. No matter what else changes, teachers matter.”


The Best Job in the World – CritterKim

“It’s really important to not only express your gratitude for the teachers in your lives, but to acknowledge that you too are a teacher of the children in your life and community. Ask yourself what lessons your kids are learning from you, and what you can do to support and encourage the amazing men and women who show up each and every day believing that there’s no better or more important job than helping our children learn.” 

These stories, and millions of others, are just a small indication of the important role teachers play in our lives. Find out how you can become a teacher and address the growing needs of our students across the country.