Standardized Testing Pros and Cons

Standardized testing has been one of the most controversial subjects in education since its creation during the era of World War I and the Model T Ford. Frederick J. Kelly initially developed standardized tests as a crude measure of “lower order” thinking skills, intended to help streamline America’s quickly expanding public education system, but 14 […]

ITBS Practice Test Options

The Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) is a standardized achievement test that is used to assess K-8 students. The test is employed by private schools and several state school systems to compare student performance in basic subjects including mathematics, reading, language arts, social studies and science. Many states have also adopted the ITBS for […]

Starting Teacher Salary

Starting teacher salaries vary greatly from state to state. New Jersey pays the highest average starting teacher salary in the nation at $44,872, while Montana’s average starting salary is only $24,685. In considering the variation in starting salaries, it is important to understand that one of the largest factors that influences salary is cost of […]

Special Education Resources for Teachers

Maybe you are a special education expert who could tell stories for hours about the challenges and rewards of your work or maybe you are a general educator looking for an introduction to the subject — whatever the reason that you have come looking, this article will provide you with links to some valuable resources […]

What is Emergency Teacher Certification?

Emergency teacher certification developed as an early attempt to address critical teacher shortages. It is a process whereby states grant temporary teaching certificates to individuals who do not meet the ordinary certification criteria. Emergency teaching certificates can only be granted in cases where no certified teacher can be found to fill a given position. During […]

A+ Texas Teachers

The New York Times recently reported on a Texas man named Jeff Arrington who ended a six-year career in law enforcement to become a teacher in Texas. Mr. Arrington is currently working as a classroom instructor while finishing his teaching certificate. What’s newsworthy about his transition to a teaching career is the fact that he’s […]