Summer Conferences for Teachers

For many teachers, summer is the best time to catch up on professional development. Whether you want to enhance your teaching skills, network with other educators or search for teaching jobs, you’ll find a wide variety of helpful conferences scheduled for summer. Here’s a sampling of some of the teacher conferences going on this summer: […]

What Does a PTA Do?

Most Americans have heard about Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) since their elementary school days. But many of us reach adulthood without being able to clearly answer the question, “What does a PTA do?” The short answer is: A PTA brings together parents, teachers and other community members to advocate for the interests of children, particularly […]

What Does the Department of Education Do?

The United States Department of Education is a federal agency that is responsible for establishing and administering education policy at the national level. It also coordinates the dispersal of most federal education assistance. It is a Cabinet-level agency and is headed by the Secretary of Education, who reports directly to the President. The Department of […]


Best Schools in Louisiana for Teachers

The top schools in Louisiana offer teachers the opportunity to work with high-achieving students from all backgrounds, with the support and resources that make it possible for both students and educators to succeed. Getting hired by these institutions will require more than Louisiana teacher certification, but dedicated and passionate teachers have nothing to lose

Top 5 Summer Jobs for Teachers

Each year, teachers have a great opportunity to try a new line of work during the summer. You could allow yourself a little recess by working at a camp, take a break from kids and take a stab at freelance writing, or explore a foreign culture while teaching abroad. Because you’re less busy than during […]