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Education News Round-Up

In this News Round-Up: Obama announces African American education office; More states exempt from No Child Left Behind; student writes book on education reform.

Education News Round-Up

In this week’s Education News Round-Up: Teacher Union experiences massive membership drop; ACT develops tests for kindergarten; Miami Valedictorian given deferral from deportation

Winners of the Automated Essay Grading Contest Announced

Have you ever wished that someone else could grade that stack of student essays for you? It turns out that software exists to do just that! A recent automated essay grading contest has produced software that grades essays more consistently than human beings do. With international contestants hailing from a wide variety of fields, the […]

Obama Names Teacher of the Year

President Obama honored seventh grade English Teacher Rebecca Mieliwocki (pronounced “Milwaukee”) with the 2012 National Teacher of the Year Award at a White House ceremony on April 24. The National Teacher of the Year Award is the highest professional honor for educators in the United States. Recipients take a year off from classroom duties to […]

FabLab: The Transformative Learning Technology Labs

When your phone rings or an email pops up on your laptop, do you ever stop to wonder about the amazing technologies that have made these gadgets possible? Stanford Professor Paulo Blikstein would venture to guess that you haven’t, that you have gone through your life accepting the fact that technology surrounds you without ever […]

Stacy Hoeflich, National History Teacher of the Year

Welcome to our Masters in Education series! Check back each week for another profile of an expert educator.  For the last 13 years, Stacy Hoeflich has taught fourth grade history at Alexandria’s John Adams Elementary School in Virginia. Hoeflich said she was practically born into the classroom; both her mother and sister teach, and long before she […]