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Best Schools in New Jersey

Whether you are a new teacher who’s looking for your first classroom or a veteran instructor looking for a change of environment, finding the right school for you can be hard. But if you know that the Garden State is definitely where you want to teach, you’ll be glad to hear that New Jersey has […]

Geoffrey Canada, Founder of Harlem Children’s Zone

Welcome to our Masters in Education series! Check back each week for another profile of an expert educator.  Geoffrey Canada has a vision of education that is transforming poor neighborhoods throughout America. Born in the notoriously impoverished South Bronx, Canada knew early on that he wanted to create change through education. Canada told the New York Times […]

Finnish Education in America: What Can We Learn from Finland?

Although everyone seems to agree that the U.S. education system is in drastic need of help, there are few proven solutions for education reform being put forward. An exception is the example of the education system of Finland. The small Nordic country with a population of about 5 million has an education system that is […]

5 Unique Alternative Certification Programs

Looking to teach in a public school after studying or working in a field other than education? It’s never too late if you’re willing to learn. These five alternative teacher certifications will get you into a public school classroom and allow you to earn your professional certification while you are actually teaching. Whether you want […]

Teacher Shortage Areas

While many prospective and veteran teachers alike have suffered from the economic recession, especially in states where there have been mass layoffs, major turnover will soon occur, with more than 1 million teachers getting ready to head into retirement. The National Center for Education Statistics estimates that student enrollment in elementary and secondary schools will […]

The History of Teacher Tenure

What is teacher tenure? Teacher tenure is a policy that prevents teachers from being fired without just cause. It is a contract that ensures a teacher’s employment. In most cases, a tenured teacher cannot be fired for reasons other than severe misconduct or incompetence. Even in some cases of blatant irresponsibility, misbehavior or lack of […]