Utah Alternative Routes to Licensure

If you’re looking to become a teacher in Utah but hold a bachelor’s degree in a different field, there are several options available that will allow you to become a certified teacher in a short amount of time. Here is a look at what the program is all about and what you need to know to apply.

Utah Alternative Routes to Licensure (ARL)

Program’s Mission and Goals

The Utah Alternative Routes to Licensure (ARL) program allows candidates who earned a bachelor’s degree in another field to obtain teaching certification. Those who want to work in secondary schools must have a degree in the subject area they want to teach, or have the appropriate number of credits in the subject area. Those interested in elementary education must have 27 semester hours in liberal arts, science, social studies, health, language arts, fine arts or mathematics.

  • Candidates are able to work in a Utah school district while completing the ARL Plan’s coursework, testing and other requirements.
  • A Professional Growth Plan (PGP) is another aspect of this program. All candidates must take approximately six pedagogy courses, one to four method courses and additional content coursework.

Eligibility and How to Apply

Financial Information

Tuition varies depending on the institution candidates choose to complete their coursework. Other fees include:

  • Background check fee: $40
  • Application fee: $75
  • Professional development and tracking fee: $300
  • Licensure fee: $40

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