Special Education Resources for Teachers

Special Education Resources for Teachers

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Maybe you are a special education expert who could tell stories for hours about the challenges and rewards of your work or maybe you are a general educator looking for an introduction to the subject — whatever the reason that you have come looking, this article will provide you with links to some valuable resources for special education educators, from news to job listings.

Personnel Improvement Center (PIC)
This federally funded project focuses on the recruitment and retainment of diverse qualified personnel who work with disabled children. PIC runs a national recruitment campaign with the aim of attracting new workers to the field of special education, early intervention and related careers. They also offer information about 18 different careers, a database of information on training programs and even information on financial aid. Their easy-to-navigate website should definitely be the first stop in your search for information about special education.

Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)
The Council for Exceptional Children is the largest international organization dedicated to improving special education. CEC offers professional development opportunities and resources, as well as newsletters that contain new research, classroom practices and special education current events. The website also contains a plenitude of free literature on every aspect of special education, and CEC gives a number of awards each year to teachers who have made exceptional contributions to the field of special education. Best of all, their SpecialEdCareers.org website quickly and easily connects educators with potential employers.

Special Education Resources for General Educators (SERGE)
SERGE offers special education resources for teachers who do not focus on special education. The website is organized by seven essential questions, such as “How can I be sure that my students will succeed in the curriculum I’m teaching?” and, “How do students’ development and life experiences affect learning?” The idea is to equip general education teachers with the knowledge and skills to collaborate effectively with special education teachers, and to effectively incorporate special education students into the general classroom.

National Center for Learning Disabilities
According to their mission statement, “The National Center for Learning Disabilities works to ensure that the nation’s 15 million children, adolescents and adults with learning disabilities have every opportunity to succeed in school, life and work.” The center devotes one section of its website specifically to special education resources for teachers. Divided into three easy-to-use sections (“Effective Teaching Practices”, “Monitoring Progress” and “Universal Design for Learning”), the website provides dozens of rich, well-written articles, many containing links to additional resources.

Education Week: Special Education
Education Week is a national newspaper covering stories relevant to K-12 education in 37 issues a year. Edweek.org, the newspaper’s online branch, publishes breaking news related to K-12 education daily. Their special education section is sure to be a valuable resource to anyone interested in keeping up with the latest policy, pedagogy and events related to special education. Their job search website, topschooljobs.org, will also help you to connect with employers seeking qualified special education professionals.

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