The Science of Classroom Design: Infographic

With all of the factors that go into education, one often overlooked fact is the simple way
a classroom is organized. USC Rossier Online put together a fascinating infographic looking at the layout, colors, light sources and more that make a surprising impact with “The Science of Classroom Design.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Try to keep focal points away from the entrance/exit to minimize distractions coming from the hallway
  • Different colors can elicit different reactions. For example, yellow feels very cheerful and reflects a lot of light; however, it can lead to eye fatigue.
  • While you may want to fill the walls with posters or other learning materials, it’s suggested you keep 20-50 percent of wall space clear as visual clutter and

    crowding can distract students.

  • While daylight may seem like a trivial thing, students will more daylight exposure scored 26 percent higher on math and reading tests than those with less daylight


  • When making slide shows, eliminate any excess words or media while using visual cues like bolded text to highlight your most salient points.

The whole infographic has tons of information in it and can be used as a great tool for classroom layout. Check it out below!




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