Over 250,000 Teaching Jobs Created or Saved by Stimulus

When faced with an economic recession as enormous and widespread as the one in which we currently still stand, many facets of daily life can be cut back, downsized, or given up altogether. We can eat out less, walk more, and generally repair the hole that had been burned through our wallets and purses. One aspect of American life that is absolutely indispensible is the ability to give our children a proper education, with the proper number of teachers and the proper facilities. Unfortunately, a recession often takes local education programs into its vice grip along with the new televisions or clothes we can agree to give up. This one was no different, and many states found themselves facing massive budget deficits, forcing large cutbacks that would leave the public school system in shambles.

In response to this, the White House launched the renowned American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, with more than $100 billion targeted at preventing suffering at the hands of the public school system. Fortunately, the results were nearly immediate. A rapidly approaching October 30th release of the first quarterly public accounting of all expenditures to date will be posted by the Recovery, Accountability, and Transparency Board, posts Jesse Lee on the White House blog. Amongst many positive signs of the recession dwindling is the figure of at least 250,000 teaching jobs being created or salvaged directly from the Obama initiated stimulus package.

The St. Louis public school system was attempting to recover from the reality of the ever looming $53 million budget shortfall carrying over from 2008. At risk were more than 85 teachers jobs, and with that the veracity of over-crowded classrooms and under-educated children. Thanks to the stimulus, these jobs were saved and the public school crisis was averted. This video released by the Department of Education provides the story of three young women who were directly affected by this aid. This city serves as a positive exemplification for many other American school systems, and this release brings new reason to believe that teaching will be a profession closely protected by its government.

The fact that teaching jobs are being created in large numbers is a good sign for the fortitude of our country. With strong education programs comes an even stronger generation of future leaders and contributors. The government clearly recognizes this and will do what it takes to invest in maintaining the roots of the economy. Obama spent much of Monday visiting with the students in Viers Mill, MD encouraging the hard work necessary to achieve goals. Lee blogs that Obama had the following message to relay: “I am hoping that you guys will continue to read, read, read, and that all of you are going to be really working hard not just this year but all the way through high school and then all the way through college…”

With a government supporting our teachers, we find encouragement for the future. Children will continue receiving the education they need and education professionals will have an increasing number of jobs. Experts remain optimistic that many other areas of the economy and country will look as bright as education does. Search Jesse Lee’s White House blog for more information on how the stimulus act is influencing education.