Resources for Researching Master of Education Programs Online

Online Resources for Researching Master of Education Programs

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A Master of Education (M.Ed.) helps teachers advance their careers by ensuring that they are experts in their field, and positions them for greater benefits and promotions. The Master of Education application process is long but rewarding, and though there are many great programs out there, it is important to find the one that is right for you. These are some excellent online resources to help you with your search:

Masters in Education Guide
The Masters in Education Guide is easy to navigate and provides resources to help with virtually every aspect of the process for becoming a teacher. You can search for your ideal program by specialty or by zip code. The program directory offers a wide range of different areas of education, and you can narrow down your search by specialty (school counseling, math education, etc.), degree sought (M.Ed. or Ph.D.) and location. There are also blogs, articles, student interviews, and information on certification and job searches.

Online Masters Degrees
Find Master’s degrees through online schools then compare programs and cost.
Though the website is called, it allows users to search for schools by masters and doctorate degrees. In addition to a grad school guide that is searchable by degree, also ranks programs so that you can compare schools. There are job postings and career resources as well, but most interesting are their guides for the application process and how to succeed once you begin your Master of Education program.

Peterson’s website is a bit tricky to navigate, but only because of its incredibly broad scope of resources. Peterson’s has almost everything you need for the application process — from test prep and admissions information to scholarships and financial aid. This can certainly help you with the application process, but once you narrow in on the site’s Master of Education page, you’ll also find a wealth of information on the specific program. Each school has its own profile, and you can create a free account to bookmark the schools that interest you.

U.S. News & World Report
The popular news outlet U.S. News & World Report has an entire site devoted to education, and their education schools page has many useful and informative articles for aspiring teachers. One of the most important and interesting aspects of their site is that they arrange Master of Education programs by school rankings. This is ideal if you already have a sense of where you want to go but want to see how your top programs compare to one another. While you can see each school’s position on the ranking, you’ll need a subscription to U.S. News & World Report for the full details. is a directory that includes over 20,000 degree and certificate programs. The homepage’s “New Teacher Survival Guide” is very easy to use, with three drop-down tabs for “Education,” “Job Hunt” and “On the Job” — essentially a walk-through for every major step in becoming a teacher. You can customize your search by indicating what kind of degree you already have, what you are looking for and where you want to teach. You can also search for teacher licensure requirements in your state.

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