Obama Requests More Money for Math and Science Teacher Prep Programs

Obama Requests More Money for Math and Science Teacher Prep Programs

“We’re a nation of thinkers, dreamers, believers in a better tomorrow.”This was President Obama’s message when he recently announced a plan to increase funding for math and science programs across the nation.

To build this better tomorrow, Obama has asked Congress for funding to be used in establishing a new Education Department competition, one that would support math and science teacher preparation programs around the nation. This request comes after a failed attempt last year to obtain similar funding from Congress.

The $80 million the president requested from Congress will be met in part, Obama announced, by private donations totalling over $20 million, contributions that were made by organizations like Google and the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

The president’s goal is a lofty one, but comes at a time when the United States ranks woefully low on the international science and math rankings. Over the next decade, his new program hopes to give the best possible teacher training to more than 100,000 math and science teachers. In addition, the president has set his sights on preparing nearly a million math, technology, engineering and science graduates for teaching roles.

The president’s plan consists of long-term goals, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t interested in supporting math and science in the short term. With hopes of inspiring young minds in the here and now, the Obamas hosted a White House science fair on the day of the president’s announcement. Over 100 student presentations, ranging from robots that help senior citizens Skype to portable disaster relief shelter, were featured.

These students served as an inspiration to the President, who told them that they were “getting America in shape to win the future.” This funding request, the president hopes, will be crucial to the process of getting America to that proverbial victory lap.

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