National Writing Day is Today!

In a day when television and Internet often eclipse the more cerebral and artistic pursuits, there has never been a better time to devote a day to the celebration of one of the finer mediums of self-expression. The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) has worked to make Tuesday, October 20th the National Day on Writing following a U.S. Senate resolution on the 8th declaring the day as such. To draw attention to the absolute necessity of writing in our day-to-day lives, NCTE has composed a National Gallery of Writing, found at The Gallery of Writing, an open forum for writers from every walk of life to share and encourage awareness of their craft.

This initiative is hardly an exclusive event reserved for only the critically acclaimed and published writers. Instead, NCTE calls for people from any profession, background, and age to share whatever format of writing they see fit. Submit stories, poems, recipes, blogs, emails, even audio and video clips or artwork, anything will suffice. The purpose is to illustrate and celebrate just how widespread and vital writing is in just about every facet of life in the 21st century.

Think about it: whether you are emailing a professor or co-worker, writing a short essay response to a test question, or simply adding some contemplative words to a journal, the fundamentals of good writing need to be present in order to be successful. With the rapid advancement of technology, writing only becomes more important as the possibilities for compositions of all kind evolve to fit the format of cell phones, computers, and other new digital media forms.

Why do we need a day on writing? NCTE sums this up on their site, specifically on their about page. The more we encourage the recognition of writing in all its forms, the more we stand to gain. This day will help to highlight the importance of teaching good writing skills at every level, form grade school up through graduate school. Through this, NCTE hopes to foster an increase in interest in teaching, specifically in the subject of writing and English. As if this was not enough, what could be better than getting an opportunity to have fun sharing work with a wide array of writers and artists and show off some skills that otherwise might be left undiscovered?

In addition to NCTE’s gallery, there are galleries of many National partners, such as Google, the Newseum, Sesame Street’s Electric Company, and the National Science Teachers Association to name a few. There is, in addition to those, a forum for local galleries to be started by whatever sub-group that wants to get involved.
In order to participate in this event, go to the NCTE homepage for more information. Come 12:01 AM on October 20th, the galleries will be unveiled, as well as a live web cast from 9 AM to 8 PM. Not sure where to begin? Just go to NCTE’s National Day on Writing Page for some helpful hints on how to contribute. It’s easy to get involved, and the opportunity for discovery and development of the importance of writing is immense. Check out the National Day on Writing and see what this undervalued art form is all about.