Online Masters of Education

With the decreasing costs and increasing capability of telecommunications, online education has become more and more popular in past years. The old stereotype that online education must be slow, frustrating, and just generally not the educational experience that people are looking for is quickly being dismantled by new technologies and innovative programs. The opportunity for high quality online Masters of Education programs is no different.

In addition to offering the alluring benefits of ditching the commute to class and sitting in on a lecture from the comfort of your home, innovative programs around the country like our partner the Master of Arts in Teaching at the University of Southern California (USC Rossier Online) are offering more and more incentive to join the quickly enlarging online education community.

Take, for example, the fact that you can earn a prestigious Masters of Education degree from home and combine that with an immersive, cutting edge program and the decision between a traditional Masters of Education and an Online Masters of Education degree becomes difficult. USC Rossier Online uses a cutting edge collaborative web platform that allows students to watch their professor lecture in real time, ask questions, show documents and power points to the class, and engage in many other interactive features. And what if you can’t make it to class one day? Well then you can just watch the recorded version of the lecture anytime you want without missing a single word.

The USC Rossier Online handles the problem of in-class experience for its students with similar elegance. No matter where you are in the country, they find and place you into a teaching assistant program where you film your in-class experiences for your professor to review. Additionally they offer assistance in acquiring your teacher certification from any state. Technology and logistical expertise like this allows for a very successful breed of online Masters of Education program.

Still, there is no real substitute for being there, in the classroom and interacting physically with your peers and professors. You have to decide what’s right for you. Decide what type of a program fits your schedule, budget, lifestyle, and interests.

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