Lessons from the Field: Interview with David Kapuler

This post is part of the The Teachers Certification Map’s “lessons from the field”, a series of posts featuring passionate, inspiring educators from across the country discussing some of the lessons that they have learned over the years that would help young teachers as they embark on their careers.

David Kapuler has been an educator for 10 years, and is the Media and Technology specialist at Greendale School District. David is a technology evangelist, and hopes to incorporate 21st century & multi-media technologies into students teachings, while preparing them for future learning.

Below is our interview with David:

Q:  What inspired you to teach?

My mom is a teacher and ever since late HS I knew I wanted to get into that role.  At first I was going to be a Phys Ed/Health teacher but then got a job working in a computer lab at a middle school to get my “foot” in the door.  I’ve loved technology and integration ever since.

Q:  What classroom methods are most helpful in pushing students towards their goals?

When dealing with technology, it’s important to get over the “stigma” that this is difficult or you have to be a “brain” to use a computer. That’s not true; technology is a tool that can help facilitate learning and instruction.  It is that gap that I try to bridge.

Q:  What is the one thing you wish you’d known when you started in the classroom?

How to control and focus your enthusiasm and passion.  When I was younger and first started out, I wanted to be a part of every aspect of technology, from the integration, to IT, to web design, etc.  It’s important to channel that energy and use it in the most productive structured way so students and teachers don’t feel overwhelmed.

I’m one who always looks for the latest technology and needs to be able to provide these resources in the most user friendly was as possible.  I try my best to think outside the box and always come up with ways on how we can promote technology for the community and online community as well.

Q:  What skills could more developed if you were to enroll in a teacher training program?

I’d like to focus on more the technical side of things.  I feel pretty strong with the integration side, but would like to sharpen my IT and server skills and stay current on the latest Windows/Mac technologies in regards to the classroom environment.

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