How to Become an ESL Teacher in New York

In New York’s metropolitan economy, the demand for fluent English speakers has grown and so has the demand for ESL teachers. Everybody wants a piece of the action; a chance to recruit and utilize the talent of some of our generation’s best and brightest.  The market for new teachers is as large and diverse as any other market, and teaching jobs are opening up all over the place. If you are a motivated, talented individual looking to become a teacher, your options could be limitless. English as a Second Language (ESL) is an area of teaching that is constantly experiencing growth. As country’s population diversifies, the need to teach English to students who primarily speak a foreign language is on the rise. In New York State alone, the demand for ESL teachers is the highest it’s been in years. 22% percent of New York’s population is composed of people who were born in another country.  New York City alone accounts for 75% of all ESL students—that’s one in eight New York City students in need of dedicated ESL teachers!

It’s not all that difficult to find out how to become an ESL teacher in New York. New York City ESL classes have a student to teacher ratio of 28 to 1, and experts say that ESL students learn the best with a ratio of 15 to 1. With numbers like those, it’s astonishing that New York isn’t giving these positions away. They need people like you, who are interested in becoming ESL teachers and making a difference. Requirements for New York teaching certification are not all that different from many other states. Like all states, they require a minimum of a Bachelors degree. While a Master of Arts in Teaching or a Masters of Education is not required, it wouldn’t hurt to have one. If you’re interested in earning your masters in teaching, or masters of education the RossierOnline may be right for you. For teaching ESL, some common degrees include English, Education, English as a Second Language and Applied Linguistics, but these are definitely not prerequisites. In fact, the only additional requirement for ESL teaching certification is passing an ESL subject test. In addition to this route, New York offers alternative teaching certification, which allows people interested in becoming teachers to receive their teaching credentials while holding a paid teaching job.

New York is a high demand area for new teachers—particularly ESL teachers—and it is a competitive industry. Don’t let this scare you! While the demand is high, the number of teaching jobs available is too, and New York schools are looking for you. If you want to become an ESL Teacher, you already have one foot in the door; all it takes is continuing down the path you’ve probably already begun.

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