From Textbooks to Hypertext

A Westport, Connecticut high school leaves convention behind as it switches from math textbooks to a “custom designed online curriculum.” They believed the current system of learning presented by the textbook to be less than ideal and went about implementing a system they believed to be optimized for their students. This change is less about what the math teachers actually did to the curriculum, and more about this new power teachers have to take their own, unique vision of education and bring it directly to their students on the web.

Teachers no longer have to be constricted by sub par textbooks and learning materials. Technology offers them the limitless ability to customize the learning experience they offer their students. This is just another case of the internet and technology leveling the playing the playing field by offering the power of communication and creation to anyone with the motivation.

What effect new curriculum’s like these will have on standardized test scores remains both a mystery and worry for districts contemplating allowing teachers this new freedom. Our government and our teachers will always differ on what they think our students should be taught, which is why, as teachers are allowed more power over developing their own curriculum, our teachers need to be well trained and aware of the particular needs of their students.