Where can I find a Teacher Certification Application?

In order to receive your teacher certification, you will need to complete a teacher certification application. Every state has their own application, and they can be found at that state’s department of education website. You can use the interactive map at Certification Map to find links to the Department of Education websites of every state.

There are different types of teacher certification applications depending on your teaching background. For example, if you are an out-of-state teacher applying to teach in a new state then you will fill out a different application from a graduate of a teacher education program who has never been a full-time teacher before.

There is a separate teacher certification application that you fill out whenever you want to obtain an additional certification to teach another subject or grade level. Obtaining an additional certificate depends on a variety of factors, but usually includes the successful completion of a subject test in the appropriate area.

The process of completing a teacher certification application and obtaining your teacher certification can be time-consuming. It is recommended that you allow ample time between completing your teacher certification application and the time at which you would like to begin teaching.