Is there one National Teacher Certification that you can get to become a teacher in any state?

There is no such thing as a national teacher certification. Each state has its own teacher certification program, with specific requirements. All teacher certification programs in the United States consist of a combination of prerequisite requirements, teacher preparation, and required testing.

While there is no national teacher certification, every state requires that you have a Bachelor’s degree in order to receive your teacher certification. Some states have a specific number of credit hours you must have completed in order to fulfill the prerequisite requirements to obtain a teacher certification. For a complete list of teacher certification programs, you can use the interactive teaching map of the United States at Certification Map. When you reach the Certification Map home page, click on any state in order to find out how to become a teacher in that state.

All states now have alternative paths to teacher certification. To find out more, click to learn about alternative teacher certification in your state. Otherwise, go to your state’s Department of Education website and search alternative teacher certification.

Every state has its own basic skills test for teacher certification. You can receive an outline of national teacher certification and find your state’s teacher certification basic skills test by using the interactive map at Certification Map.