Is it necessary to go through a Teacher Certification Program to receive your Teacher Certification?

In order to receive your teacher certification, it is necessary to go through a teacher certification program. Every state has its own teacher certification program. The traditional way to become a teacher is to complete a University-based teacher certification program at an accredited college or university in the state where you wish to teach. Another path to achieving your teacher certification is going through an alternative teacher certification program. The growth in online-education opportunities has opened new paths to obtaining a teacher certification.

Once you have received your initial teacher certification, most teacher certification programs allow you to add certifications by passing state approved subject matter tests in the areas that you wish to teach. If you have more questions about the teacher certification program in a specific state, Certification Map has information on how to become a teacher in all fifty states. By clicking on a state from the interactive map on the home page of Certification Map, you will be able to find all the necessary information for the teacher certification program in the state where you want to teach.