Do you need your teacher certification to get a teaching position?

Your state teaching credential is a critical tool when you apply for a job as a public school teacher. Your teaching credential determines the positions for which you have eligibility. A teacher certification determines your eligibility to teach specific grade levels and subjects. You generally receive a teacher certification for a specific grade level and subject, and then have the opportunity to add credentials by taking and passing the appropriate examinations. For example, if you received your teacher certification to teach math at the fifth grade level, you could then receive additional credentials to teach math at the fourth or sixth grade level, or to teach another subject at the fifth grade level.

In order for a public school to employ you as a teacher, they must first verify that you are certified by the state to teach. Every state has a specific process for obtaining a teacher certification. It is important that you understand the process to receive a teaching credential in the state where you want to become a teacher. Remember, becoming a certified teacher takes time. Always remember to allow enough time to fulfill all the requirements for a teaching credential without feeling rushed. By allowing ample time to obtain a teacher certification, it will be easier to achieve your goal of becoming a teacher.

Teaching credentials expire and must be maintained at an appropriate rate. You cannot teach with expired teaching credentials so it is important to keep track of the expiration date of your teacher certification. By making sure that your teaching credentials do not expire, you will ensure that your teaching career continues without any technical issues.