ESL Job Opportunities in New York

ESL Job Opportunities in New York

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Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) is a demanding yet incredibly rewarding job that requires passionate teachers who want to make a difference. As schools across America experience a continued growth of diversity in their student bodies, the demand for ESL teachers is on the rise.

New York is one state with a high demand for ESL teachers due to its multicultural population. Learning how to become an ESL teacher in New York is not complicated, especially if you are already an ESL teacher and are looking to relocate to the Empire State. With the proper education and certification, relocating and teaching ESL in New York is an easy process.

Whether you’re looking to teach in a public school, private school, after-school program or community center, there is no shortage of job opportunities in teaching ESL in New York. To help you with your search, here is a list of some excellent resources for finding opportunities to teach English courses in New York:

New York State TESOL
NYS TESOL is an association of educators dedicated to improving the quality of Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) education and helping teachers excel in their work with English Language Learners. In addition to an array of other resources, NYS TESOL posts current ESL job opportunities in New York. They also allow you to post job opportunities you may have heard about.

The CCNY School of Education
The School of Education at the City College of New York has a strong Bilingual Education & TESOL program, and the department’s site has a useful page advertising job opportunities. The page connects you to jobs websites, and while there are some opportunities for teaching abroad, most of the listings are for positions in and around New York City. There are jobs for public school teachers, teaching assistants and even volunteer opportunities.

Literacy Assistance Center
The Literacy Assistance Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of literacy in New York. By providing quality literacy services to adults and children, and by helping dedicated educators make an impact in their communities, the Literacy Assistance Center strives to ensure the literacy of all New Yorkers. This includes language proficiency for English Language Learners, and to further this end, the Center posts opportunities for teaching English courses in New York. The jobs posted range from administrative positions to teaching jobs, volunteer opportunities, tutoring, adult education and program coordinating. might not be the first site that comes to mind when you think about finding a teaching job, however Idealist is one of the leading sites in non-profit and public service job postings and it actively posts jobs for teachers. The only drawback is that their database is so extensive that you may have to play around with your search criteria to yield the most relevant results. Still, it’s worth the time as there are many jobs posted for ESL teachers, administrators and coordinators.

NYS Teaching Jobs
NYS Teaching Jobs requires a $5-per-month membership to view its job postings, but in exchange it offers a database of job opportunities across the entire state of New York. NYS Teaching Jobs monitors over 1,000 schools in the state, and updates their job postings daily for the most current and timely information possible. The homepage offers a color-coded map for you to narrow your search by region, and in addition to job opportunities, there is information on certification, interview tips and job search advice.

There are also two online application systems with which you should be familiar with as a teacher in New York. The first is the New York City Department of Education’s own online application. The second is OLAS: The Online Application System for Educators, where school districts across New York State turn to access resumes, cover letters and applications from potential candidates. These online applications are not ESL specific but will certainly help you in your search for ESL job opportunities in New York.

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