College Funding Shake Up

Ohio isn’t the only one who wants to shake things up a bit. Rather than funding schools based on admissions rates, Ohio has proposed a bill that would place ALL of a schools funding on course and degree completion.

But what implications might a bill like this have for schools? It could encourage them to go the way we’ve seen so many public schools go: chasing numbers rather than simply striving to offer a quality education to their students. It’s entirely possible that university administrations, under this new funding structure, could put pressure on professors to hand out grades that students haven’t necessarily earned.

When we tie generally quantitative measures with educational funding, we sometimes lose sight of the smaller things. Education isn’t about passing or failing, graduating or not graduating. It’s about what you learn along the way. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather see students pushed to learn something valuable and not passing a few classes than passing their classes with ease and not gaining anything valuable just so their school can get a few more dollars.

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