#TeachersMatter: Teacher Appreciation Week Roundup

Teachers’ lessons extend far beyond the reach of the classroom. During this past Teacher Appreciation Week, the internet was flooded with stories about how teachers have helped shaped our lives and our culture. Although Teacher Appreciation Week was May 5-9th, it’s important that we appreciate and honor these classroom leaders during our every day. See … Read more#TeachersMatter: Teacher Appreciation Week Roundup

Teacher Appreciation Week: Celebrities & Their Favorite Teachers

In observation of Teacher Appreciation Week 2011, Certification Map will be featuring special blog posts to honor those who work tirelessly in their classrooms, offices and homes to improve the quality of education across the country. Stay tuned in the coming days to read about and help us recognize the individuals who are building the … Read moreTeacher Appreciation Week: Celebrities & Their Favorite Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Week: The Most Influential Teachers on Twitter

In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, Certification Map will be highlighting and recognizing individual teachers in special blog posts intended to raise awareness and create gratitude for all educators. This latest post from the series features teachers who work outside the classroom to raise our awareness of educational resources and increase our understanding of the … Read moreTeacher Appreciation Week: The Most Influential Teachers on Twitter

Teacher Shortage Areas

Photo by cybrarian77 While many prospective and veteran teachers alike have suffered from the economic recession, especially in states where there have been mass layoffs, major turnover will soon occur, with more than 1 million teachers getting ready to head into retirement. The National Center for Education Statistics estimates that student enrollment in elementary and … Read moreTeacher Shortage Areas