School Lunches and Childhood Obesity: New Federal Regulations Double Vegetables and Fruits

Photo by Joe_13 Children who participate in school lunch programs across the United States will soon see healthier food choices in their cafeterias. Recently announced changes to government-subsidized school lunch programs will require schools to serve more fruits and green vegetables, and to reduce levels of salt and fat. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and First … Read moreSchool Lunches and Childhood Obesity: New Federal Regulations Double Vegetables and Fruits

Sesame Workshop: Changing Education From a Global Perspective

Sesame Workshop is the educational non-profit behind Sesame Street. However, this organization is responsible for much more than Big Bird. Sesame Workshop, formerly known as the Children’s Television Workshop, spearheads projects that develop and promote the academic, social and emotional well-being of children across the world. The strength and success of Sesame Workshop’s initiatives are … Read moreSesame Workshop: Changing Education From a Global Perspective

Special Education Certification

Photo by Nicole Mays Special education serves students who have a variety of unique needs that may be physical, academic or behavioral. While some special education teachers provide instruction in basic literacy and life skills to students with severe cognitive, emotional and physical impairments, the majority of teachers in this field work with children whose … Read moreSpecial Education Certification

Standardized Testing Pros and Cons

Photo by Josh Davis Standardized testing has been one of the most controversial subjects in education since its creation during the era of World War I and the Model T Ford. Frederick J. Kelly initially developed standardized tests as a crude measure of “lower order” thinking skills, intended to help streamline America’s quickly expanding public education … Read moreStandardized Testing Pros and Cons

Starting Teacher Salary

Photo by jypsygen Starting teacher salaries vary greatly from state to state. New Jersey pays the highest average starting teacher salary in the nation at $44,872, while Montana’s average starting salary is only $24,685. In considering the variation in starting salaries, it is important to understand that one of the largest factors that influences salary … Read moreStarting Teacher Salary