[INFOGRAPHIC] 128 Words to Use Instead of "Very"

When it comes to education, vocabulary is one of the underlooked factors in academic success. The 2011 NAEP Nation’s Report Card tested elementary and secondary students in the US and found a positive correlation between vocabulary scoring and reading comprehension.

National Poetry Month: Resources for Creative Lesson Plans

In honor of National Poetry Month, we’ve compiled a list of class activities and events to do before the month ends!

Five Careers to Pursue With a Teaching Degree That Are Outside of the Classroom

Here’s an encouraging thought: educators are trained to have many of the same skills that coincide with other careers.

Volley App and Mobile Use in Education

Volley app founders Zaid Rahman, Adam Ashwal, Carson Kahn, and Ryan Orbuch understood that the it wasn’t just the content of the material that the students studied and crammed that mattered, it’s also about the context of the material that counts for a high quality, long lasting learning process. Together, they created Volley, a personal learning assistant app.

Co-Requisite Remediation: A New Solution to an Age-Old Problem

Success rates for remedial classes are extremely low. Not only are these classes costing students money and are worth 0 credits, it ultimately means that graduating on time will not likely be feasible. In fact, those who are referred to remedial classes have much lower rates of graduation than their non-remedial counterparts. While 58% of students not enrolled in any remedial classes graduate, only 17% of students enrolled in remedial reading and 27% of students enrolled in remedial math end up graduating. A community college study in Virginia found that of all the students who were recommended to take remedial classes, those who enrolled in gateway classes, skipping remedial entirely, were more likely to graduate than those who opted for the remedial classes.

4 Reasons Teachers Should Use Pinterest

Pinterest's simplicity and ease of use makes it great way to visually organize a teacher's cluttered mind: lesson plans, organizational ideas, and fun projects are all sorted by picture, in one place.