A Guide to TESOL Terminology

As the world continues to shift toward a global economy, more countries desire qualified instructors to teach students English, which has become the de facto language for business. Therefore, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is becoming an increasing popular field for educators. The idea of traveling the world and teaching English in … Read moreA Guide to TESOL Terminology

5 Great iPad Apps for Early Childhood Teachers

Children these days are practically born with an iPhone in their hands. But while mom and dad might think the electronic “Dancing Hamster” is the best babysitter known to man, teachers have the power to download some pretty useful learning tools on their classroom iPads, apps that will revolutionize the early childhood classroom. Check out some … Read more5 Great iPad Apps for Early Childhood Teachers

MAT vs MEd

Photo by Clever Cupcakes If you want to work in education, a master’s degree can be a good next step: it opens up more and greater job opportunities, boosts your earning power, and advances your pedagogical knowledge. But once you start the process of choosing a degree, you may be confused by variety of programs … Read moreMAT vs MEd

Become a Substitute Teacher in Kansas

The Kansas Department of Education offers two types of substitute licenses: Standard Substitute License and Emergency Substitute License. Become a Substitute Teacher in Kansas License Type Requirements Forms Standard Candidates must hold a degree and have completed a state-approved teacher preparation program. Candidates must submit fingerprint card for KBI and FBI background clearance. Regular Substitute … Read moreBecome a Substitute Teacher in Kansas