There Will Always Be Feedback: Deliberate Practice and Teaching

I know that this isn’t exactly good news for rookie teachers, but after sixteen years of teaching, there was never a time when I had it all figured out. I made mistakes almost every single day, and while they got smaller and less painful, those little failures never went away.

You Can’t Teach Growth Mindset With Posters

Students who never read my comments and only focus on the grade; kids who lie about test scores and essay grades; people who are terrified to make a mistake; students who don’t want to try anything new and give up right away when they are challenged at a

Teachers as Role Models

The beginning of the school year is an excellent time to check your reflection. As teachers, we must present a professional demeanor, not just in our outward appearance but also through our actions and reputation.

Teachers are charged with presenting a moral and ethical blueprint for our students. Our behavior in and out of the class matters, and is being scrutinized, by students, parents, colleagues, mentors, administrators and the general public.

Benefits of Increased Classroom Digitization

Long gone are the days when classroom tech equaled a new chalkboard and an overhead projector. The same devices that we’ve come to rely on at work and at home are now remaking the ways that students learn and teachers instruct.

Computers, of course, have been a fixture in classrooms for decades, but those are increasingly being supplemented by smart tablets. Those are used for research and presentation as well as educationally focused apps. Another example: Smart boards are a unique option for students to demonstrate learning, with a hands-on tech method that relies on just a fingertip for manipulation.

There are a host of advantages to the increased presence of technology in the classroom, as well as different tips to ensure that the transition to tech is as smooth as possible. Use this graphic to learn more on all these important educational topics.

5 Ways to Be a Better Teacher by September

After a long academic year of planning, teaching and assessing, many teachers look forward to the summer vacation as a chance to unwind and re-energize, before an enthusiastic return to school in September.

The long summer vacations are an obvious benefit of a career in education, but most teachers still find they spend a good deal of their summer, prepping and planning for the year to come

Step Across the Hall with Interdisciplinary Teaching

Real world problems require solutions that span across multiple academic disciplines. This is contrary to many classrooms, restricted in an age of a carefully structured curriculum. Proponents of interdisciplinary teaching believe that to see literature as separate from the social sciences or math does a disservice to each.