Co-Requisite Remediation: A New Solution to an Age-Old Problem

Every year, 42 percent of all students entering two or four year colleges have been required to take remedial courses in order to register for gateway college courses– that’s more than one million students. Strong American Schools estimates that providing remedial education is costing around $2.3 billion per year. Unfortunately, success rates for these remedial … Read moreCo-Requisite Remediation: A New Solution to an Age-Old Problem

Classroom Management Strategies

Educators are responsible for managing their classroom’s environment to facilitate learning for all students, making classroom management an important skill to have. Classroom management involves minimizing disruptive behavior, understanding what motivates each student, remaining consistent and fair with discipline and rewards, and encouraging respect among students and between the teacher and students. Learn From Others … Read moreClassroom Management Strategies

Celebucation: Celebrities & Their Donations to Education [Infographic]

When we think of our favorite celebrities, we picture them in films, on stage, at awards shows and in glossy magazines. But frequently these actors, athletes, musicians and entrepreneurs can be found giving back to their local communities, to their hometowns, to people in need wherever they may be. Often, these donations are given to … Read moreCelebucation: Celebrities & Their Donations to Education [Infographic]

Celebrate Earth Day 2012

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22, and this year marks the 42nd anniversary of what many have come to consider the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. This year, Earth Day will act as a launch pad for driving engagement and action to the environmental movement, according to Earth Day Network. The … Read moreCelebrate Earth Day 2012

CBEST: The California Basic Educational Skills Test

Photo by Shannon & Gaby If you plan on teaching in California (or possibly Oregon), you may need to take the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST). This standardized test measures competency in reading, mathematics and writing skills that are fundamental requirements to be a teacher. Effectively, the CBEST serves the same function as the Praxis II … Read moreCBEST: The California Basic Educational Skills Test