Top Michigan Schools for Teachers

Photo by Carl Berger

Whether you are a young newly-accredited educator looking for the right place to start your career or a seasoned veteran hoping to relocate, searching for the right school for you can be a tough process. If, however, you know that Michigan is where you want to teach, then you will be happy to know that the state has many great high schools for you to choose from. Teaching in Michigan can mean competitive salaries, small class sizes, educational technologies and excellent extracurriculars, so there’s likely to be a school in The Great Lakes State that’s right for you — but make sure you have your Michigan teacher certification before you start looking into which school you think would be a great fit for you.

To help you in your search, here’s our list of five great schools for teachers in Michigan. We hope this helps you find the classroom that’s right for you.

1. International Academy
With three campuses and over 1,000 students, the International Academy is a top-tier public school with ample teaching opportunities. The school services high schoolers from 17 different Michigan counties and is the nation’s first all International Baccaluareate diploma public high school. Since opening in 1996, the International Academy has grown to become widely regarded as one of the best high schools in Michigan due to its track record of offering a unique combination of rigorous academics, career-centric instruction, and space for personal and creative growth. This is an excellent place for any teacher, no matter what point in their career, as they will be in the classroom with motivated, directed and aspirational students.

2. Greenhills School
The Greenhills School is an independent private institution located in Ann Arbor. Known for its excellence in mathematics and science, Greenhills was recently awarded the Intel School of Distinction Award, which recognizes the high school with the best science program in the country. This merit was no accident: The school has invested heavily in state-of-the art technologies, including two full computer labs, 10 computers dedicated solely to the study of physics, high-end microscopes and lab equipment, and — most recently — wireless laptop computers for classroom use. But that’s not all: Greenhills is proud of its offerings in the realms of art, music and theater, as well as many extracurriucular opportunities. If you are a teacher with a passion for something beyond teaching, you are likely to have the chance to involve yourself as a coach, club mentor or advisor. All this alongside an impressive 7:1 student-to-teacher ratio makes Greenhills one of the best schools in Michigan for teachers.

3. Casa Richard Academy
This award-winning tuition-free charter school in Detroit does not fit the mold of the other schools on this list. Casa Richard Academy is an all-black high school that serves the downtown Detroit area. CRA makes this list because sometimes teaching isn’t about prestige, salary or technology (although CRA has its fair share of all three); sometimes teaching is about changing lives and making a difference. This story from the Michigan Association of Public School Academics website says it all: “Tim Constant is a white teacher in the all-black Casa Richard Academy, yet he’s a leader in connecting with students and changing lives. His primary role is as high school social studies teacher, but he’s also created a dance class, two law classes and team-teaches a forensics class with a science teacher. He’s a master at making education relevant to his students, 80 percent of whom qualify for subsidized lunch and 80 persent of whom had struggled in other school settings.

In 2006, his students took first place with their newly written constitution in the American Bar Association’s national Law Day Review contest. It taught them to have ideas, speak up and take action.”

4. Cranbrook School
The Cranbrook School is one of the nation’s most prestigious and successful college-preparatory boarding schools. With a long list of academic achievements by its students and an equally impressive college acceptances track record, Cranbrook is an ideal place for teachers looking to interact with high-performing students. Cranbrook is the type of place where you will find yourself staying late with students to puzzle through a tough math problem or debate politics —  and not because you or they are required to. Like many other private schools, and particularly boarding schools, Cranbrook offers competitive salaries and is at up-to-date on educational technologies. If working at a boarding school sounds like something you would be interested in, Cranbrook is definitely the place to go.

5. Detroit Country Day School
Since its founding in 1914, Detroit Country Day School has provided a premier education to students in a wholesome, safe environment. One of the most prestigious schools for teachers, Detroit Country Day employs a large number of impressive educators, many of whom have doctorates and other advanced degrees. The school is dedicated to training a well-rounded student who excels in all all disciplines — academics, arts, athletics and extracurricular activities. With its beautiful facilities, heralded faculty and a student body dedicated to learning, DCDS is a place any teacher would hope to work at.

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