Lessons from the Field: Intervew with Meltem Bizim

This post is part of the Teachers Certification Map’s “lessons from the field”, a series of posts featuring passionate, inspiring educators from across the country discussing some of the lessons that they have learned over the years that would help young teachers as they embark on their careers.

Meltem Bizim, a teacher of 25 years, teaches at Sabanci University Prep School in Turkey. Below is the interview:

What inspired you to teach?

I have always loved helping people and teaching the young is one of helping them. Moreover, I love being with people and this affects my interpersonal skills positively. I think these inspired me to teach.

What classroom methods are most helpful in pushing students towards their goals?

Teaching the students methods that they can use on their own and making them autonomous learners is very important.

What is the one thing you wish you’d known when you started in the classroom?

Don’t be scared of being friendly with your students. Students learn better in a cozy, non-threatening and positive environment.

What did your training teach you that was most helpful in preparing you to enjoy and thrive in a classroom today?

I had my masters in English Literature. It gave me lots of ideas about how to use literature in Language teaching. I wish I was teaching Freshman students so that I could use my knowledge in this area better.

I didn’t have my masters in ELT, but I attended lots of teacher training programs which helped me learn some techniques that I could use both in class and when I’m training other teachers.

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