Blogging for Education

UPDATE: We’re extending the deadline until Wednesday, August 5th, at Noon EST. We want to make sure everyone has a chance to nominate their favorite organization! Get your submissions to us by Noon so we can reveal the winner on Wednesday evening. Good luck everyone!

Summer Fun: What Happens When You Mix an Intern, $500, and a Non-Profit for Education?

The story: One of our team members, Jeremy, thinks that teachers and friends of teachers can help us locate the best non-profits that focus on education through blogging

The dare: Our intern dared Jeremy to put his money on the line and he’s ponied up $500.

YOU: Prove Jeremy’s theory and win a $500 donation to your favorite non-profit organization focused on education

Nominating a non-profit is simple, and will help them whether you win or not. To nominate:

  • 1) Write a blog post naming the Top 3 activities and contributions that describe why you support a particular organization, and why their work is inspiring.
  • 2) At the beginning of the post, inform your readers why you are writing the post by including the following blurb:

This post is being submitted to Teacher Certification Map to raise awareness for educational charities and the important role they play. To learn more about the effort, check out Blogging for Education

The winner will be chosen based on several variables:

  1. 1) Potential impact of the organization.
  2. 2) Quality of your post (accurate and inspirational? Does it inspire others to support this cause?) and
  3. 3) Your passion for the non-profit that you support. Are you taking steps to make sure as many people as possible see your post and understand why you support your cause?

The winner will be announced Wednesday, August 5th, 2009, and submissions are due by Noon on August 5th. Once we have chosen an organization, we will make the donation and then recognize both the non-profit and the submitting blog(s) here at the Teacher Certification Map.

Nominations are now open! Who do you think deserves this recognition the most?