Top 5 iPad Apps for Algebra Class

Students love to play with iPads, but the iPad is also a valuable educational tool. Check out 5 Algebra apps that algebra teachers and students should know!

Top iPad Apps for Biology Class

Biology teachers can benefit from the iPad due to the numerous science-themed applications available. These are some of the best biology apps for the iPad.

Greg Bamford Promotes Play in Education

Greg Bamford is a former teacher who advocates “purposeful play:” the idea that successful strategies don’t just require discipline, but open-ended imagination.

Education News Round-Up

In this week’s Education News Round-Up: Teacher Union experiences massive membership drop; ACT develops tests for kindergarten; Miami Valedictorian given deferral from deportation

Best Schools for Teachers in Connecticut

Connecticut has some of the nation’s best schools and most competitive teacher salaries. Here is a list of the 5 best high schools for teachers in Connecticut.

Masters in Education: Stacey Roshan

Math teacher, Stacey Roshan, uses the flipped classroom technique: recording lectures for students to watch online at home, and using class time for homework.