10 Best Apps for ESL Teachers

When it comes to teaching English as a Second Language, showing is every bit as important as telling. Students need to see pictures or videos of actions while learning verbs, just as they need to hear phonetics to fully grasp new words. Thanks to an incredible variety of apps, creating a learning experience involving sights […]

Code in the Classroom: Why It Matters

Computers, smartphones, the Internet — they’re all an undeniable fixture in our daily lives. They’re also a growing source of jobs. The U.S. Department of Labor projects that by 2020, there will be 1.4 million computer specialist job openings. But with education statistics as they are, there will only be enough qualified applicants to fill […]

Teaching at Public vs. Private Schools

The word “teaching” tends to conjure images of wooden desks, chalkboards and apples. But the work of education itself can take place in all kinds of environments. From private preschools to public high schools, and even medium security prisons, there are plenty of options for what your classroom might look like. Traditionally though, if you’re […]

Back to School Resource Round Up

The new school year is upon us! As eager students and even more eager parents shop for fall clothing and new supplies, teachers are scrambling to polish curriculum units and arrange their classrooms to create optimal learning environments. Since summer break passes far too quickly and there is never enough time in a teacher’s day, […]

No Boys Allowed: 6 STEM Programs That Empower Girls

The importance of girls in the math and sciences fields is a hot topic right now. Labor experts have long complained about the lack of qualified workers for a rapidly growing number of STEM jobs (experts say there will be a deficit of 5 million by 2020), and we’ve finally connected that shortage with a […]

Top 5 Careers with an Ed.D

Have your master’s, but itching to move to the next step? An Ed.D can take your career to the next level — and salary bracket. What’s an EdD? A Doctorate of Education (Ed.D) is a terminal doctoral degree for people who want to work in education at a management or executive level. With prospective careers […]