Year-Round School Pros and Cons

Many school districts are faced with the problem of a growing student population coupled with a shortage of school facilities and limited funds for new facilities. In response, some districts are adopting or looking into year-round education (YRE). In addition to maximizing the use of existing schools for larger numbers of students, some education experts […]

Gifts for Teachers

During the holiday season, at the end of the school year and during Teacher Appreciation Week many parents and students want to show their gratitude to teachers with a gift. While most teachers say that they appreciate the thought behind any gift they receive from a parent or child, there is general agreement teachers can […]

Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week 2012 is the time when schools and communities honor the dedicated members of the teaching profession who work daily to shape the intellects and characters of students in their care. Starting on May 7, we all have a chance to show our appreciation to teachers and let them know that their hard […]

How to Become a Substitute Teacher

School districts need substitute teachers on a daily basis to fill in for absent teachers. Assignments for substitutes range from a single day to longer term. If your long-term career goal is to become a teacher, beginning as a substitute teacher is a good way to gain experience in the field and try out the […]

Best Schools in Maryland for Teachers

Experienced educators will tell you that great schools are an important component of a rewarding and fulfilling teaching career. Great schools provide a clean and safe environment for learning. They also have strong administrators who provide leadership and support for teaching staff. If you’re looking for a teaching job in Maryland, you’ll find many great […]

How Long Does It Take to Become a Teacher?

If you are interested in becoming a teacher and are wondering how long the process takes, the answer depends largely on where you want to teach and where you are in your life. Each state has its own requirements for teaching certification, but some common steps are required across the country. Earn a bachelor’s degree […]