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Teachers’ Guide to DonorsChoose

Donors Choose has made it easier for teachers in high-need districts to secure the supplies needed to do great projects with their students.

MAT vs MEd

If you want to work in education, a master’s degree can be a good next step: it opens up more and greater job opportunities, boosts your earning power, and advances your pedagogical knowledge. But once you start the process of choosing a degree, you may be confused by variety of programs available. The two main […]

Teacher Salaries Around the World

We here at Certification Map have compiled a table of teacher salaries from around the world and compared these salaries to the cost of living in each of these countries.

Copyright Laws for Teachers: What You Need to Know

Copyright is part of a legal concept called intellectual property, this is of particular importance to teachers who may want to use copyrighted material in the course of their classes.

The Education Olympics [Infographic]

We here at Certification Map hoped to borrow some of the sheen of the Olympics and direct the spotlight to another realm of international competition: education.

Eric Sheninger, the High Tech Principle

Eric’s work integrating technology into the classroom has gained attention as a foremost example of how teachers can become online masters in education.