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Asking for Letters of Recommendation

The process of asking for letters of recommendation can produce anxiety, but strong letters of recommendation can help you stand out among other applicants.


How Does Year-Round School Affect Teacher Salary?

Around 3,000 schools in the United States currently operate on a year-round schedule. Instead of attending school in four nine-week periods, then taking a two- or three-month summer break, year-round students attend school in six-week blocks and take three or four weeks off in between each block. Since most year-round schools contain the same overall […]

The Teacher Turnover Problem

These days we not only have to worry about students leaving school too soon, we have to worry about recruiting and retaining high quality teachers as well! Right now 30 percent of teachers leave the field within the first two years. The inevitable result of this high turnover is a stressed education system with inexperienced […]

Applying to Grad School: Writing Your Personal Statement

While many aspects of the admissions process for graduate school focus on grades, your personal statement is an opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition, to become more than just a grade point average.

Teach Away: Helping Teachers Find Positions Abroad

By Amy of Teach Away Inc. Live abroad, save money, learn, explore. As a teacher, why limit yourself? Teaching is a global career, and as English speakers, American teachers are in a position to explore other countries while continuing to work in the profession they love. Due to the increasing popularity of English-language teaching overseas, […]

Presidents who were Teachers

Rarely do we consider that some presidents may have been teachers. While most of the following presidents did indeed study law, they were all also teachers at some point in the careers, working with multiple age groups, from elementary school all the way up to post graduate.