Are There Different Teacher Certifications for Different Subjects?

Yes, there are.

Not only does a teacher certification apply to a specific state, they are also subject and age level specific. Generally, a teacher can be certified in many different categories from general education (lower level and encompassing many subjects) to secondary subject specific teacher certifications (Science, mathematics, English/Language Arts etc). In addition to common certifications such as these there are also Special Education Teacher Certifications, English Second Language (ESL) Teacher Certifications, and many others. To find out about state specific requirements and options click your state on our page to see about different teacher certifications that are available in your state.

With so many options deciding on a single path can be overwhelming. What’s important to take into consideration is what subject you are well versed in, and what subject/age group would bring out the best teacher in yourself possible. It’s also not uncommon for teachers to be certified to teach multiple subjects.